MARRS could not exist without the help of volunteers. We have a variety of ways for volunteers to get involved in changing the lives of our program participants.

MARRS Partners

A great deal of MARRS’ success comes as a result of having community, faith-based, and individual partners who support us in working with our youth offenders. Successful partnerships are key to the success of MARRS.

We rely upon community organizations and programs, businesses, civic organizations, and worship centers to provide us the opportunity to perform community service at their place of business. Community service is performed all across the city at community organizations, community centers, libraries, worship centers, camps, schools, and sometimes at special programs or charitable events.

Tasks for these youth offenders may include raking leaves, cleaning cabins or the dining hall at a local camp, washing police cars, serving snacks or meals to children or adults during special programs or activities, manning water stations at a 5K run, assembling goody bags for distribution at a charitable event; sorting items or folding clothes in a warehouse or thrift store, performing lawn services for a community service project, and more.

Volunteer Mediator

Requires volunteer to participate in 40 hours of mediation training that includes classroom instruction, observation, and mentored training or facilitation. Volunteer mediator facilitates mediation sessions between the victim and offender.

Community Service Volunteer

Volunteer assists with supervision of youth during community service activities or projects.

Outreach Volunteer

Volunteer assists with chaperoning and supervising youth during outreach activities.

Volunteer Management Coordinator

Coordinates scheduling, placement, and activities of volunteers, assists with scheduling of mediation sessions, and assists with general office and administrative responsibilities.