MARRS makes a difference in the lives of juvenile offenders, their families, and in the community at large. Here’s what those touched by MARRS have to say.

“In the beginning when I first started my community service hours and had no clue what was in store for me and how my life would change, I couldn’t wait to get all of it over with. Working at the church just wasn’t making my day! Now that all of this is over, I’ve come to realize that your words have made a huge impact on my life. I grew from not caring or believing to having faith in the Lord and I’m praying every chance I can. I needed this to happen to me, so when I actually made the mistake of shoplifting, the consequence was more of a blessing than anything.”

Jennifer, a MARRS youth

“The MARRS program avoids unhealthy punishment that quite often leads to a juvenile picking up more criminal ways. The program allows juvenile offenders opportunities to discuss mistakes and learn positive lessons, while providing them with the right formula to one day becoming law-abiding adults. It is not uncommon when sessions are over to see victims shake hands or even share a hug with the offenders, and since most victims live and/or have their businesses in the same neighborhood, the program encourages harmony among neighbors.”

Ken, a MARRS volunteer

“Early in 1994, the Court was presented the opportunity by Memphis Leadership Foundation to link up with The Mediation And Restitution/Reconciliation Services. Mediation And Restitution/Reconciliation Services provides mediation and restitution services, bringing juvenile offenders charged primarily with property offenses together with victims in a controlled environment to enlighten the children as to the costs and effects of their action and reach an agreement on restitution. This voluntary mediation additionally empowers the victim to feel a part of the judicial process. The program has received positive responses from parents, children, and victims alike.”

Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County

“I’m so glad that I could come to MARRS to get this matter handled rather than having to get a lawyer or go to Juvenile Court. Plus the MARRS staff really cares about my child and they are teaching him to make better choices about his friends, school, and life.”

Jackie, a MARRS parent

“This program has truly magnified my view of God and prayer. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if this intervention didn’t exist. It has helped me through my time of need. Thank you for keeping this program around.”

Wesley, a MARRS youth