MARRS offers a faith-based approach to juvenile justice, using mediation and restitution to repair relations between victims and offenders.


At MARRS, the first step is a meeting with the victim and the juvenile offender to negotiate a restitution agreement. Trained mediators facilitate the successful completion of this phase and then mentor the youth to prevent future offenses.


Since most offenders are too young to make monetary restitution, the second step is the process is their completion of community service. MARRS works with victims and offenders to develop a plan that repays the debt in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Character Development

In the character development phase, offenders participate in an eight week session designed to improve character and leadership traits among program participants. These sessions focus on life skills, leadership skills, and the development of positive character traits.

Who We Help
MARRS is the only mediation program serving first- and second-time juvenile offenders in Memphis and Shelby County, serving nearly 150 families each year.
Our Results
With our innovative approach to juvenile justice, MARRS has collected more than $40,000 in restitution fees and has supervised more than 50,000 hours of community service.
Why It Matters
Youth who complete the MARRS program rarely re-offend. Our recidivism rate is less than 10%, compared to the national recidivism rate of over 25%.